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Talent Pipeline  the way forward

Scouting, Connecting, Engaging and Nurturing

For Fresh Graduates

CAPE Projects

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Internship Placement

Opportunities for undergraduates to gain an edge through experiential learning in their preferred industry.

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Job Placement

An ad-hoc programme to help young graduates connect (at no cost) with companies for their first job.

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Career Advisory

Defining career aspirations, assessing career opportunities and making choices.


Pipeline Impact

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire pipelining process is developed to create the desired impact for hiring companies.

Identify and engage with the right talent early  

Being proactive instead of simply reacting only when faced with a key skills gap or a vacant role and ultimately rushed into making hiring decisions.

Facilitate recruitment for hard-to-fill positions

Attracting and closing talent is getting more difficult - create more touchpoints with candidates and reduce common roadblocks.

Help prevent top talent from slipping away

Organizations putting their best foot forward, ready to move quickly in order to hire the best available talent, not just those on but also in the market.

Strengthen company employment brand

Managing perception of the organization as an employer by candidates in the outside world - how external candidates see an organization.

Minimise disruption to business operations

Building a high-quality talent pipeline which helps organizations respond quickly to sudden business expansion and unexpected vacancies.

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